I AM Deep Mind Body Relaxation - Meditation & Healing With Sonia

I AM Deep Mind Body Relaxation - Meditation & Healing With Sonia

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I AM Deep Mind & Body relaxation is a profoundly calming audio meditation suited for everybody.

Living in such an upside-down world it’s now more than ever we need to create space daily and tap into our own unique wisdom and live more from this space.

Sonia has been an Inspiring Meditation Teacher for over 10 years and is passionate about assisting people from all walks of life to return home to love.

Sonia lovingly guides you with her calm and soothing voice to relax your mind and body to then enter a deep state of peace to unwind and relax as you delve deep into the unknown, to sit with your own Divine intelligence and receive messages from your higher self.

Deep Gratitude and Blessing to you all.

May your days be filled with LOVE, and your Journey inward expand daily, to Live your truth more and more

Sonia xx

NOTE: We recommend you use headphones for the best result and make sure you are comfortable before you start this meditation. You can sit or lie with this meditation. We also recommend you listen to it once a day at the same time to create positive changes for at least 21 days.

IMPORTANT: Do not listen to this meditation while driving or operating heavy machinery.

DISCLAIMER: This Meditation is not intended to treat or cure any diseases or illnesses. If you are unsure of the suitability of these recordings please consult a medical professional before listening to them.