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I AM Time Tables and Practitioners Services 



The I AM Healing Gifts Centre Coomera was lovingly birthed by Sonia and her vision and passion to assist all walks of life to return to love.

From a young age Sonia was curious about life, and often wondered why we were all here on earth, and what our purpose here was. It was a question that she pondered daily into her adult years and through curiosity she started exploring life on a deeper dimension. Through many events Sonia started to realise that she was different to many around her, and struggled daily with her emotions. As Sonia started her own healing journey, she became aware that she was highly sensitive to all kinds of energy, from people to food, chemicals, noise and much more.

Then she discovered Yoga and Meditation and this is where the real healing began. Sonia started to honour her gifts of intuition and connection to all things, and use them to help herself and many around her. It all started with just a small home studio with weekly meditation groups and handmade healing crystal bracelets.

Each year she would add more elements to her home studio as it grew, such as Children's Workshops, designing more jewellery and adding healing gifts for her clients. In the background, her vision was becoming reality with her supportive husband Tama and amazing team of family and friends around her, she created The I AM Healing Gifts Centre. Sonia always had a vision to open a sacred space: a space that people would walk into and instantly feel loved and safe.  

Sonia has many gifts and one of them is helping children feel safe and loved. Sonia spends most days raising her two beautiful boys and intuitively creating healing bracelets for children and adults, helping all to connect to their infinite well of wisdom and inspiration to help live from their truth more and more.



You will find Sonia in the I AM Gift Shop, Monthly Meditation on the first Friday of every month and her many Workshops. There is not a day that passes that Sonia doesn't feel deep gratitude for I AM.


I AM Ground Staff

Lee is one truly authentic Soul, from the moment you meet her she will make you feel at Home and inspired. Lee is one of our amazing Ground Staff Team who will guide you when you walk into our beautiful I AM Gift Shop.



Naturopathic Healthcare 

Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Naturopathy 

Abbie is in the Centre every Friday tailoring individual plans for each client that addresses their individual requirements, current medications and budget for Digestive Health and Mental Health..... Abbie is an accredited member of the National Herbalist Association of Australia.

Abbie has a great respect for all areas of healthcare and she is passionate about providing her clients with an integrative approach to ensure the best possible outcomes.


Abbie: 0405194233

Sessions $85-$120


Medium & Intuitive Healer 

Belinda is gifted with the ability to connect to the spirit world, opening a gateway to connect people to their Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels and loved ones.


Belinda works as a medium and an intuitive healer on the Gold Coast; she is a Reiki Master teaching Reiki Angel Courses; a retreat leader running sacred retreats and facilitates intuitive workshops and yoga. She loves reconnecting people to their soul's calling and draws on her connection to her spirit team and the healing tools she has gathered over many moons. Belinda regularly runs the Reiki Courses at the Centre.


Belinda is in the centre Friday's (excluding the first Friday of every month) from 9am-4pm

Intuitive Healings from $100-$155 (60 mins-2 hours sessions)
Intuitive readings $100 (60 min)



Call the Centre on Ph:56656822 or

Belinda directly on 0428911003.



Chez works with the mind, body, environment, and spirit to balance the pursuit of Wellness, Health and Healing by using a fusion of Reiki, Intuitive Energetic Body Work and Kinesiology.  

Chez is available on Tuesdays for Private Sessions

Bookings call 56656822



Soul Counselling . Numerology . Intuitive Yoga

Emma worked for many years as a Registered Psychologist and has been spiritually tuned in from childhood. Emma is in the Centre for Soul Counselling and Numerology Reading sessions on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Intuitive Yoga Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays in our I AM Sacred Studio Space.


Intuitive Yoga Classes

These classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and incorporate yoga breathing, meditation and sound healing, where you will learn to tune into your intuition so you can start to live life with ease and in flow rather than with stress and struggle.

Intuitive Yoga Timetable 

Soul Counselling Sessions

Combining the practicality of science with the unlimited potential of spiritual assistance, gives clients the best of both worlds.

Initial 2 hour Soul Counselling session: $150 (further 1 hour sessions: $90​)

Combined Intensive Soul Counselling + Numerology Reading Session :$200


Numerology Readings

Your Numerology Chart is your soul's life blueprint. Once you have your ‘numbers’ you will find you have many ‘aha’ moments, clarity and the joy of self-discovery.

Sessions range from $75 - $95 and includes a recorded audio file for you to keep to re-listen to at your leisure.



Emma 0418151380



Psychologist & Hypnotherapist 

James is committed to assisting people from all walks of life to find physical, emotional and psychological healing, and experience freedom in their lives as they discover their deepest potentials.

James has been practicing as a professional psychotherapist since 1995. A wide variety of training has given him access to many life-changing modalities including Past Life Regression, which combined with experience and intuition, can be called upon to help you in your unique circumstances.

Vision: "To support people from all walks of life on their journeys to heal emotional, mental and physical imbalances, and enjoy the wellbeing, abundance and happiness that flows from reconnecting with our innermost truth".

Psychological Counselling, Psychotherapy, Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Medicare Mental Health Plans can be utilised
Thursdays 8am - 5.30pm


To BOOK call James or message on MB: 0420433357



 Jasmin brings an energy to the Gift Shop that brightens the space with love, a nurturing presence and an abundance of passion.... She real and raw with a strong sense of self, which fills the Centre with fun, light and laughter.

Jasmin also holds workshops with Essential Oils... Keep an eye out on our Facebook Events on Facebook.




Maternal Grounding Holistic Wellness

Jess is in the Centre every Friday offering Holistic Services to nurture & support mamas going through Pregnancy, Labour, Post Natal & more. Aftercare with Mum, Baby, Special Needs, Massage & Touch Therapy.

Pregnancy Massage  ~ 60 minutes $120

Preparing for Labour Massage ~ 90 minutes $180

Post Natal Massage ~ 60 minutes $120

Mama Massage ~ 60 minutes $120 .....Healing Massage ~ 60 minutes $120


Massage, Movement, Meditation, Breathwork, Wellness & Nutrition to help you get through this journey of motherhood. 


Jess : 0410 053 611



Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiologist

Acutonics® Sound Medicine Practitioner
Intuitive Energy Healer

Your body is the ultimate healer. It holds the answers to bring your body, mind and soul into balance. A master communicator, Leesa connects directly with your body to find what YOU truly need. Her practices empower you to bring self-truth, joy and abundance to your life.

Leesa is passionate about healing and supporting your emotional wellbeing. So often our suppressed emotions, either from trauma or accumulated through life in general, manifest in ways that affect our physical, mental and spiritual health. Leesa can help you find - or rediscover - your authentic self.

Each session is personalised for you and your needs and integrates tools and modalities including Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology, Acutonics®, Reiki, sound healing, crystal chakra balancing and intuitive energy healing.


Leesa is in the centre every Thursday.

90 min integrated healing session: $160

To book contact the centre on 07 56656822 or Leesa directly on 0412306083.


  Spirit of Kala with Liz

Healing through the power of touch

KaHuna massage is a sacred and nurturing form of healing for your mind, body and spirit. Using love and the power of touch to reconnect back to your higher self and encouraging you to receive and let go.

Prices -

$110 an hour

Booking Times 

Thursday's and Saturday's with the following session times:








To Book

Mb: 0468 606 996
07- 56656822

Or message Spirit of Kala

I AM Ground Staff 

Madi is kind, intuitive, fun loving, authentic and the calm in the eye of a storm. It is a blessing to have Madi as a part of the I AM Gift Shop Ground Staff.


Bowen Therapy 

Mel is passionate about helping people embody optimal health: she has been studying the workings of the body for many years.

She has learnt many amazing techniques to help your body feel balanced, well and reorganise neurological systems in the body.

Bowen Therapy is a particularly gentle technique which involves minimal touch and can be performed through light clothing.

Bowen helps bring the body into balance by eliciting deep healing.
Can help with a variety of conditions such as
-Jaw problems
-Stress, headaches, migraines
-Back problems
-Knee and hip/pelvic issues and many more.

Mel also works to specifically reorganise the nervous system so that the body can function as it should.
Certain situations and events can change how the body reacts, and consequently becomes weaker as a result of trauma or changes.

30 mins - $50, 1hr-$80 private health rebates available for remedial massage.
Monday to Wednesday 9-6 pm
Mel takes her own appointments,


Melissa's Mobile 0409766092


Hypnobirthing Practitioner & Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Doula


"The work that I do is intuitive. I listen and feel into how, why or what I am needed for. Mama’s want connection and to be heard, held, supported and respected."

Mel from Down To Birth is a hypnobirthing practitioner and pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula.


She is passionate about arming parents with education and support to be calm, confident birthers. She wants to empower all women to trust birth, trust their body and their baby.


Mel teaches Hypnobirthing classes at I Am Healing Gifts on Monday evenings at 6pm with a new group starting every month. The program Mel teaches is Hypnobirthing International- The Mongan Method. It is a well rounded, in-depth evidence based birth education and preparation program that runs over 5 weeks.


Mel also offers a full range of doula services with packages to support, love, uplift and completely hold the mother so that she can hold her baby.



You can see all prices and packages on the website- payment plans are always welcome and Afterpay is available:

Any questions please call Mel on 0402 183 945 or email
Roberta has a background in Clinical Psychology and is a vessel for the Feminine Energy Rising on Mother Earth where she works with women implementing cycle syncing, menstrual awareness, feminine energy reconnection) and workshops (Womb Emotional Release and Wild Feminine Reclamation).
Look out for her amazing workshops on our Facebook Events.
Customised offers will include cycle syncing mentoring /education, Feminine Energy embodiment practices, EFT, natural ways to respond to feminine disharmonies and yoni steaming.
One Friday a Month 
1:1 - duration (1:30min) - $110
Customised Yoni Steam Session (45min / includes consultation + customised herbs + yoni bowl & seat + playlist) - $88
TO BOOK CALL Roberta on mb 0477504658 or the Centre 56756822
Hatha Yoga with Sandrine
Soul Flow Yoga 
This type of yoga focuses on the connection between breath, movement, and the mind.
Poses are linked together with movements to create flowing sequences or you move, you breathe. A form of moving meditation as it helps bring the body into a state of deep relaxation and mindfulness.
Every Tuesday night 7-8pm $15
All levels are Welcome, including beginners
Everything is supplied
To Book
Mobile Sandrine : 0431 649 382
Salena is a clinical Reflexologist specialising, but not limited too, Fertility,
Menopause, Children's Health and Well-Being.
She offers lymphatic drainage through the feet with a soft holistic touch.
Salena is an intuitive healer and is guided by her spiritual team's message to deliver holistic solutions to help clients with physical and emotional pains.
She is passionate about mediumship & psychic readings and loves to offer a beautiful combination where 2 modalities combine
45 minute Reflexology + 45 minute Readings
Salena also offers:
Reflexology Crystal Healings
Bookings: Call the Centre 56656822