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For a private shopping appointments if you cannot come during open hours message mb: 0468606996.


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The I AM Healing Gifts Centre Coomera was lovingly created by Sonia and her vision and passion to help people return to love. From a young age Sonia was curious about life, and often wondered why we were all here on earth, and what our purpose here was. It was a question that she pondered daily into her adult years and through curiosity she started exploring life on a deeper dimension. Through many events Sonia started to realise that she was different to many around her, and struggled daily with her emotions. As Sonia started her own healing journey she became aware that she was highly sensitive to all kinds of energy, from people to food, chemicals, noise and much more.

Then she discovered Yoga and Meditation and this is where the real healing began. Sonia started to honour her gifts of intuition and connection to all things, and use them to help herself and many around her. It all started with just a small home studio with weekly meditation groups and hand made healing crystal bracelets.

Each year she would add more elements to her home studio as it grew, such as Children's Workshops, designing more jewellery and adding healing gifts for her clients. In the background her vision was becoming reality with her supportive husband Tama and Amazing team of family and friends around her she created The I AM Healing Gifts Centre. Sonia always had a vision to open a sacred space: a space that people would walk into and instantly feel loved and safe.  

Sonia has many gifts and one of them is helping children feel safe and loved. Sonia spends most days raising her two beautiful boys and intuitively creating healing bracelets for children and adults, helping all to connect to their infinite well of wisdom and inspiration to help live from their truth more and more.

You will find Sonia in our Centre on the days below . There is not a day that passes that Sonia doesn't feel deep gratitude for I AM.



Lee is one Truly authentic Soul, from the moment you meet her she will make you feel at home and Inspired. 

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Naturopathy Abbie has worked in clinical practice and absolutely loves what she does.

Over the years she has gathered a lot of knowledge and resources through her practice and further studies as well as finding her passions in specific areas of healthcare from Digestive Health, Women’s Health as well as Mental health. During her studies she had suffered severely, to the point that leaving the house was a struggle, with anxiety and panic attacks. This was a 4 year battle that she finally overcame: 7 years anxiety free! It gave her a huge respect for those struggling with mental health issues - she loves finding positives in not so positive situations.

"My nature has always been that of wanting to help others in anyway possible, my goal has always been to empower people with knowledge and tools to make a positive difference in their lives and therefore I chose this field of healthcare," says Abbie.

Abbie has a great respect for all areas of healthcare and she passionate about providing her clients with an integrative approach to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Abbie is in the Centre by appointment $85-$120

Abbie tailors individual plans for each client that addresses their individual requirements, current medications and budget. Abbie is an accredited member of the National Herbalist Association of Australia.

I'd like to start you on a profound journey to true health & balance through self discovery of your natural state. How I do this is by utilizing the wisdom of ‘unified’ mind/focus, body/movement & breath/correct breathing given to me this past 16 years by my teacher Master Zhen Hua Yang whom I was fortunate enough to find at 22 years of age.

My journey started learning the Yang Mian System, a secretive family Gong Fu system with skills rooted in the Wudang & Shaolin Temples of China, a method which utilized the best of both worlds to forge a very powerful development tool of mind, body & spirit.

After about 10 Years of dedicated training my Teacher finally introduced a project he worked on with other Yoga Masters & created what is now known as the Calligraphy Health System. Basically this was ancient Yoga & Qigong movements & knowledge used to create a modern, direct & simplified health system to restore ‘ The Natural State ’ of our human condition. Six years into Calligraphy Health practice & I have now reached incredible results within myself plus a deep understanding and overview of the process I've undergone to truly restore mind, body & spirit to its Natural state. Injuries, pains ~ emotional, physical & mental have melted away, physical weaknesses are now strengths, peace, comfort, tranquillity, confidence & health now have a home within my being where once illness, aches, pains, negative mind & emotional states wreaked havoc on my health.

In Master Yang’s own words “The highest level of living is with no sickness, no pain and passing away naturally.”  My teacher told me its time to now share what I have discovered as much as I possibly can with as many people as possible right here on the Gold Coast so here is what I can offer you.

The Qigong Component in addition with some movements of the Yang Mian system which have been my focus & now expertise is what I share with you. These movement principles which are movement of mind, body & spirit which when trained correctly & under my guidance will alleviate aches & pains naturally, increase range of movement, improve balance and oxygenation of blood cells, increase length & strength of tendons & ligaments, increase blood circulation through entire body including your brain in a safe & gentle way which causes ‘ all ‘ types of tensions to literally melt away plus help prevent health issues from forming, restores mobility & maximal range of physical movements and functions. Improves internal organ functions due to the nature of the movement.

Come and experience a class with Adrian
Monthly classes on Events

Any Questions call Adrian on 0447220881.

Belinda offers intuitive readings and healings at the centre, she is gifted with the ability to connect to the spirit world, opening a gateway to loved ones who have passed and spirit guides.

Belinda offers different types of readings from helping people find their purpose, readings to help gain clarity around a situation in life and readings to open the  connection with loved ones. She will sometimes use tarot cards to help with clarifying the information she receives.


She also offers a variety of intuitive healings using Crystal Energy, Reiki, Chakra balancing and a connection to Spirit Guides to gain past life information to help heal the present.


Belinda regularly runs the Reiki Courses at the Centre and meditation classes once a month.


Belinda is in the centre every Friday (eclluding the first Friday of every month) from 9am-4pm

Intuitive Healings from $100-$155 (60 mins-2 hours sessions)
Intuitive readings $100 (60 min)

TO BOOK in with Belinda Call us on Ph:56656822 or Belinda directly on 0428911003.







Emma is passionate about educating those who are open to learning, about the change in perspective that an understanding of our soul self gives us. A spiritual seeker since childhood, Emma worked as a Registered Psychologist for many years as well as a Registered Yoga Teacher, but wanted to help people in a less conventional way when she came to the realisation that a lot of so-called ‘psychological’ problems were actually a form of spiritual crisis.

Emma's services at the centre include:

Soul Counselling....
Counselling using soul energy; guidance and spiritual mentoring; combining the practicality of science with the unlimited potential of spiritual assistance, gives clients the best of both worlds.

Western numerology is a system of studying the energy vibration of numbers and letters that uncovers the blueprint of your life. It was created by the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras more than 2,500 years ago. One of the benefits of numerology is that it can uncover your life purpose and the likely lessons you will encounter along the way. Armed with this information, you will find you have many ‘aha’ moments, clarity and the joy of self-discovery once you have your ‘numbers’. Carefully preparing your chart by hand to ensure accuracy, Emma then interprets your numbers and phones you at a mutually convenient time, recording an audio file for you to keep to re-listen to at your leisure.

Emma will look at your year ahead and the likely main focus and challenges that the year will bring for you. The meaning behind recurring numbers you are noticing can also be examined and explained. She can also prepare readings for family members and record gift readings for friends and family. For a more in-depth reading (useful and insightful if you are over the age of 25 or so), she can examine your Major Life Cycle numbers, looking at the stage of growth you are currently in. Also, Emma can determine your Pinnacle numbers (a time of growth and advancement that provides you with an opportunity to look at an area in more depth) and challenges in fulfilling your life purpose.

Intuitive Yoga Classes....

Emma's Yoga class is held every Monday 9.30am – 10.45am. This class is suitable for all levels of fitness and incorporates yoga breathing and meditation, where you will learn to tune into your intuition so you can start to live life with ease and in flow rather than with stress and struggle.

Soul Counselling: 2 hours initial appt $130, 1 hour $90
Tuesday's and Saturday's by appointment 9am - 5:30pm

Numerology Phone Readings 7 days: $75-$95

Combined Soul Counselling and full Numerology Reading session: please contact Emma for details.
To Book in with Emma call us on Ph: 56656822
or Emma on 0418151380

Intuitive Yoga Class Monday: $15 9:30-10:45am 

Wednesday Nights 7:15pm-8:30pm

Bookings only, call Emma to book

Gemma Spirit World
Psychic Medium reader

If you are at a crossroad in your life with your relationships, health, career or finance, I can help you find the answers you seek through a reading.

Gemma’s readings will bring you clarity, guidance and life purpose. She will provide you the opportunity to reconnect with your family, friends or pets who have died and passed over into the spirit world. This beautiful connection will bring immense comfort and healing to know that our loved ones are continuing their journey in spirit.

Gemma is known for her warmth, friendly smile, accuracy & ability to clearly see what is coming for you and will provide you an understanding of the opportunities ahead & decisions to freely make with your heart.

Gemma looks forward to sharing this special space with you at I AM Healing Gifts

Psychic & Mediumship Readings
$100 - 1hr
$60 - 30mins
 Friday 9.30am -4pm and Saturday by appointment

To book with Gemma call : 56656822.



James is committed to assisting people from all walks of life to find physical, emotional and psychological healing, and experience freedom in their lives as they discover their deepest potentials.

James has been practicing as a professional psychotherapist since 1995. A wide variety of training has given him access to many life-changing modalities including Past Life Regression, which combined with experience and intuition, can be called upon to help you in your unique circumstances.

Vision: "
To support people from all walks of life on their journeys to heal emotional, mental and physical imbalances, and enjoy the wellbeing, abundance and happiness that flows from reconnecting with our innermost truth".

Heal your past, Create your Future.
Live fully now. 

Psychological Counseling, Psychotherapy, Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Medicare and Private Rebates Available
Thursday 8am - 5.30pm

To BOOK call James or message on MB: 0402433357


Craniosacral therapy treatments are a gentle hands on body therapy supporting the natural ability of our bodies to heal.


A treatment creates an opportunity for greater body awareness.  Once we have a deeper connection to self on all levels we are able to notice tensions and deeply held restrictions.  When your brain becomes aware of them it can create change.  


Jamie has been able to support people through trauma, both physical and emotional, TMJ tension/dysfunction, back, neck and shoulder tension, trapped nerves, insomnia, pain, anxiety and depression and much more.


Clients have told Jamie they feel more resilient, have increased energy, feel more peaceful and have been able to deal with stressful situations better as well as increased body awareness and a deeper connection to self and others.  


For a treatment contact Jamie on 0490897472 
or call us on Ph: 56656822
Jamie is in the Centre every Thursday 

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Treatments $80 for one hour and QEC sessions for 1.5 hours for $120

Synergem creates sounds through crystal singing bowls to promote relaxation and meditation, inspire creativity, and enhance personal growth and healing.

As a form of sound therapy, Synergem utilises vibrations from pure musical notes correlating to our human energy centres (also known as chakras and meridians). Combined with the power of intention, breath and vibration; this sound experience is a tuning fork for the mind, body and soul. 

At Synergem we aim to instil a sense of balance, wellness and connectedness.


We use sound to assist you to reach a place of calm and mindfulness, which can enable you to delve deeper into a meditative practice.

Depending on your intention and current state, a Soundbath may leave you feeling calm, relaxed and at peace; or perhaps energised with a heightened sense of awareness. 

Join Jeremy and Leesa for a Synergem Sound Immersion –

One Sunday a month from

Look on our EVENTS to Book and Save the dates for these upcoming Sundays in 2020 Featured on our Events Page on FB



Kylie is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Business Owner, Mother to two sons and magical black cat, Hippie In High Heels. Conscious and intuitive business coach and life lover.
After mercury poisoning in 2014 Kylie turned to yoga for her recovery, a combination of Hot and Kundalini Yoga lead to a full recovery and Kylie believes her brain function was recovered, due to Kundalini Yoga detoxification and meditation.

She has used various Kundalini Yoga sets to create a successful business and now coaches others to create balance, flow, creativity and abundance in their own lives and businesses.

What is Kundalini Yoga?
Kundalini is the life force within each of us that lies coiled and dormant at the base of our spines and has the power to transform every facet of our lives. Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness – through a series of breath work, mantra, posture, mudra and body locks the intention is to arouse the Kundalini energy and raise it up through our energy centres activating this radiant energy.

A typical class includes a kriya (set of postures with mantra, mudra, postures, breath work and body locks), relaxation and meditation.

The purpose is transformation – transform our Self and we transform the world. Kundalini Yoga is not a religion, it can be practiced by anyone with any spiritual belief. Flashes of insight, breakthrough, experiences of joy and surrender are common experiences when the flood of our own energy is experienced. This is what Kundalini Rising or Kundalini Awakening refers to.
Yogi Bhajan was the Master of Kundalini Yoga who brought this practice to the west in 1969. He explained, “There is no virtue in letting your body get stiff. When we leave the muscles unused for a long time, they start deteriorating and create a pressure on the living muscle cells. That is how we start getting older and weaker. The worst of it all is that our capacity to think and react and act to balance out our intuitive psyche also gets weaker and weaker. The whole of the physiological system, the muscles and the rhythm of the body have to be understood to keep all parts in balance. This is a very old and sophisticated system. It creates results which will be everlasting.

You will build up your body and your muscles, and you will be very limber and very, very flexible. Gradually, one by one, we will work on all the main organs in the body: the glands, the circulation, the nerves, the muscles and the body constitution, and you will be surprised at the feelings and the changes you have not experienced before.
Kylie's classes are Monthly at the moment and by booking only.







Mel is passionate about helping people embody optimal health, she has been studying the workings of the body for over ten years.

She has learnt many amazing techniques to help your body feel balanced, well and reorganise neurological systems in the body.

Bowen Therapy is a particularly gentle technique which involves minimal touch and can be performed through light clothing.

Bowen helps bring the body into balance by eliciting deep healing.
Can help with a variety of conditions such as
-Jaw problems
Stress, Headaches,  migraines

-Back problems
-Knee and Hip/pelvic issues and many more just to name a few.

Mel also works to specifically reorganise the nervous system so that the body can function as it should.
Certain situations and events can change how the body reacts, and consequently becomes weaker as a result of trauma or changes.

30 mins - $50, 1hr-$80 private health rebates available for remedial massage.
Monday to Wednesday 9-6 pm

Mel Takes her own appointments,
to BOOK:
 Melissa's Mobile 0409766092




Michael is natural healer who has studied different healing modalities such as Kinesiology, touch for health, energetic healing, and shiatsu. He has also recently been certified as a hypnotherapist and is available for appointments.

Michael is very passionate about helping others to find peace and a new outlook on life through observing clients' mindset and verbal dialogue. If you are looking at getting your body, mind and spirit back into a balanced state than book an appointment with Michael.

Energy Healing/Kinesiology 
60 mins $85, 90 mins $120
Hypnotherapy Initial
90 - 120mins $200
$140 thereafter for 60 min sessions

Mick is with us Saturdays, TO BOOK CALL US ON Ph: 56656822
or Mick Directly on Mb: 0432773063





The Charmologist Rhee is based on the beautiful Gold Coast and loves to travel for adventure and sharing her gifts through readings and workshops. 

Her Charm readings are sought after because they are so unique! 

From a collection of almost 1000 charms sourced from all over the world, Rhee translates meaning into guidance to reconnect you with the path you inherently know is best for you. 

A charm reading sees you choosing charms and scattering them and Rhee can interpret the messages specifically for you. 

Using intuition, retrocognition, ancestral guidance, charms, runes and oracle cards you will receive clarity and spirit filled knowledge. 

You can find out more about Rhee’s readings and workshops on her social media...
 Rhee is available Saturday
Hour $100
Half hour $60
15 mins $35

TO BOOK WITH RHEE MB: 0410337433