Welcome to I AM Live TV 2023 ..Join us friends as we talk all things Healing.

Tune in Tuesday's we broadcast Live to Facebook from 10am to 10.30am.

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 Facebook Live TV Episodes 

Episode 1, Emma - I AM Numerology 
Episode 2, Laura - I AM Sound Healing 
Episode 3, Liz - KaHuna Massage 
Episode 4, James - I AM Psychological Healing
Episode 5, Angele - I AM Animal Connections 
Episode 6, 14th March, Belinda - I AM Medium 


Episode 7, 21st March, Abbie - I AM Naturopath 

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Episode 8, 28th March, Chez I AM Holistic Body Works 
Episode 9, 18th April, Kylie - I AM Kundalini Yoga 
Episode 10, 2nd May, Jasmin - I AM Motherhood 
Episode 11, 16th May, Sonia - the Healing Journey to I AM Healing Gifts  
Episode 12, 24th May, Jay - Heal the Heart ...Heal the Home