The I AM Healing Gifts Centre Coomera was lovingly created by Sonia and her vision and passion to help people return to Love. From a young age Sonia was curious about life, and often wondered why we were all here on earth, and what our purpose here was. It was a question that she pondered daily into her adult years and through curiosity she started exploring life on a deeper dimension. 
Through many events Sonia started to realise that she was different to many around her, and struggled daily with her emotions. As Sonia started her own healing journey, she became aware that she was highly sensitive to all kinds of energy, from people to food, chemicals, noise and much more.
Sonia discovered Yoga and Meditation and this is where the real healing began. Sonia started to honour her gifts of intuition and connection to all things, and use them to help many around her. It all started with just a small home studio with weekly meditation groups and handmade healing crystal bracelets.

Each year she would add more elements to her home studio as it grew, such as Children's Workshops, designing more jewellery and adding healing gifts for her clients. In the background her vision was becoming reality with her supportive husband Tama and Amazing Team of Family and Friends around her she created The I AM Healing Gifts Centre. Sonia always had a vision to open a sacred space: a space that people would walk into and instantly feel loved and safe.   A place that would inspire everyone to return to love and heal.
Our beautiful Healing Centre is a sacred space, where we hold Meditations, Yoga, Qigong and regular Workshops...along with Massage, Kinesiology, Reiki, Craniolsacral Healing, Spiritual Counselling, Past Life, Between Lives, and much more.
We also have a beautiful GIFT SHOP.... This is where Sonia creates her sacred Healing Gifts...Each gift is Hand made with Love and Light and has an intention to heal and connect deeply to your inner truth placed upon it with a healing prayer to help you through trying times.
 "I was Inspired to create these Gifts by my love for crystals and my children's love for crystals...for years they have helped me and my family grow towards an exceptional life by assisting us all on working through blockages, fears and doubts. All Crystals are Natural and are hand-picked by myself, and kept in a healing room awaiting their new homes. Wear it with Love and allow the Healing to take place. I enjoy the teaching and guiding the next generation with my knowledge of Crystals and Meditation through School Holiday Workshops. This is where the gorgeous souls of children explore the magical Kingdom of Crystals and their healing properties in safe and loving space. I have a strong love in helping children connect to their true self and reclaim a feeling of feeling safe whilst sleeping. They spend three hours learning, creating a crystal dream catcher, meditating, a healthy morning tea and connecting to their inner selves”, explains Sonia.
Sonia has many gifts and one of them is helping children feel safe and loved. Sonia spends most days raising her two beautiful boys and intuitively creating healing bracelets for children and adults, helping all to connect to their infinite well of wisdom and inspiration to help live from their truth more and more.
Explore and discover the divine adventure of I AM Healing Gifts through Healing, Crystals, Meditation, Children's Workshops, Gift Shop, Affirmations, workshops, Classes, Practitioners. Intuitive Pieces and more. Our Practitioners work together to guide you towards your individual Journey. Each of our Practitioners are Passionate about helping you return home to your natural state of being - which is PEACE...
May your days be filled with Love and your journey inward expand daily to live your Truth more and more...  There is not a day that passes that Sonia doesn't feel deep gratitude for I AM and all the Amazing Practitioners.
With Love and Gratitude
The I AM Team