Selenite Flower of life Chakra Plate

Selenite Flower of life Chakra Plate

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Selenite Flower of Life Chakra plate

The natural selenite has been well polished and shaped with a flower of life chakra symbol on one side.

Made in Morocco.

Did you know Selenite is the only crystal you never have to cleanse, clear or charge? What makes Selenite so Magical is that it actually cleanses and clears other crystals. Selenite is well known for its angelic energy. Place one near your bed to enter a deep sleep state or on your altar or in your main room to create more peace

These plates are so versatile and Sacred. You can actually use it as a grid also, embodying the ancient symbols these Selenite grids are a perfect gift for anyone wanting to create or manifest, by simply placing your crystals on the points of the symbols you can call in whatever you desire to.

PS: Selenite does not like water, please keep away from water

The images shown are for illustration purposes.

Actual products may vary in shape, weight and colour as they are individually hand-crafted from 100% Selenite making your purchase unique.


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