Organic Goodness Palo Santo & Cedar

Organic Goodness Palo Santo & Cedar

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Organic Goodness Palo Santo & Cedar Smudge Resin 40gms

Song of India is known for their wonderful perfume oils, incenses and incense resins. Their Organic Goodness range takes this one step further with its use of carefully selected pure and natural ingredients. Palo Santo & Cedar is one of six great natural smudging blends, perfect for meditation, relaxation, smudging, spells and rituals. It is made with genuine palo santo and cedarwood chips and it smells amazing. This product is labeled as a 'smudge resin incense' but please note that there is no actual resin in this blend.

Known as the holy wood, Palo Santo has been used throughout history for energy clearing, healing, and spiritual cleansing. Partnered with the soft notes of conifer cedar, this woody smudge incense is absolutely divine!

  • 40 gram Palo Santo and Cedar Smudge Resin Incense
  • Glass Jar with Cork Lid
  • prepared with Palo Santo Chips and Cedarwood Chips

Content: 01 Organic Godness Palo Santo & Cedar Smudge Resin 40gms