Human Design Workshop with Emily
Human Design Workshop with Emily

Human Design Workshop with Emily

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Embark on an Epic Journey of Self-Discovery with Emily from Human Design!

Ready to dive into the magic of Human Design? Join me, Emily Shine, on Saturday, August 10th, for an unforgettable adventure into the depths of your true self.

 10 th August

9.30am - 3pm 

Imagine unlocking the secrets of your soul through a blend of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science. Human Design combines the best of the Chinese I’Ching, Brahman Hindu Chakra system, Kabbalah Tree of Life, Western Astrology, and Quantum physics to reveal your unique “bodygraph” – a roadmap to your authentic expression.


In this immersive workshop, we’ll explore:


The fascinating anatomy of the body graph and how it shapes your life along with, 


The Energy Types

Strategy &Authority

Not-Self/Self themes

profile lines

The 9 energy centers.


But that’s just the beginning! Get ready to:


Strengthen your intuition and align with your true purpose.


Make decisions that resonate with your Higher Self.


Unleash your gifts and boost your energy levels.


Improve your health, creativity, and relationships.


Manifest your dreams with newfound clarity and power.


Plus, you’ll receive:

Eye-opening insights about yourself that will leave you speechless.

Practical tools to keep the transformation going long after the workshop ends.

Your very own personalized PDF summarizing everything we cover.

A day filled with laughter, learning, and incredible growth.

Oh, and did I mention there’ll be light refreshments to keep us fueled and energized?


So, are you ready to reconnect with your true self and unleash your full potential? Don’t miss out on this life-changing experience – reserve your spot now and get ready to shine brighter than ever before!



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1/7-9 De Barnett St Coomera 

Plenty of FREE street parking