Advanced Soul Children’s Workshop with Sonia 30th June

Advanced Soul Children’s Workshop with Sonia 30th June

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Advanced Soul Children’s Workshop With Sonia

Wednesday 30th June

$60 investment
Must Book.... Limited Spots
Please Book Via Payment Link

Ages 5-12 ish years

DROP OFF AT 9:45 am

For over 9 years now Sonia has been studying and helping children remember who they are, and sharing with them easy life tools that they can keep with them everyday to cope with the upside down world we are living in.

Sonia creates with your children invisible tool kits, filled with life tools to help with anxiety, stress, separation issues, how to sleep better, how to feel safe and protect their energy, and the main to LOVE ALL THEY ARE

Through this workshop Sonia will lovingly acknowledge every child as she spends one on one time with them to help whatever is arising through the workshop.

They will also learn all about their very own ENERGY CENTRES (the chakras), they will also learn how to activate and use their healing hands while exploring and learning all about the crystal kingdom. They will also all learn how to use crystal pendulums.

Through all of this above they will create and birth their very own crystal bracelet and affirmation cards to align with their energy centres.

Sonia ends every workshop with a healing meditation.

Sonia is deeply passionate about our children and looks forward to sharing with your precious ones

A Water bottle
A packed healthy lunch

Sonia will supply gf cakes for morning tea

Any health requirements please contact us on 56656822 or message through


We have prepared discounted crystal pendulums and Crystal chakra kits if you would like to purchase for their ongoing use.
They are in store
Crystal Chakra sets normally $34.95 Discounted prices
Crystal pendulums $16.95
Discounted prices

If you would like either please call us on 56656822 and we can put them aside for you